mercredi 17 juin 2009

The three sieves "Socrates"

A story to think about

Socrates had, in ancient Greece, a high opinion of wisdom. Someone comes one day find the great philosopher and said, "Do you know what I just learned about your friend? "One moment," said Socrates. Before you tell me, I want you to take a test, that of 3 sieves
The 3 sieves? " "Yes," said Socrates. Before I tell all sorts of things on others, it is worth taking the time to filter what we would say. This is what I call the 3 test sieves.

The first sieve is the truth. Have you checked if what you want to tell me is true? "
Sure. I just heard ... " "Very well. You do not know if it's true.

Let other filter by using a second sieve, that of goodness. What you want to teach me about my friend, is this something good? " "Oh no! On the contrary. "
So," continued Socrates, will you tell me bad things about him and you're not even sure if they are true.

You can perhaps take the test because there is a sieve, that of utility. Is it helpful if you teach me what my friend would have done? " "Sure. Not really. " "So, concludes Socrates, if what you tell me is neither true nor good nor useful, why would you say it to me?

Moral of the story
When we have not something useful to say, it is better to remain silent.
Or "when there is doubt it is better to refrain".

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