mercredi 17 juin 2009

The eagle and the hen

A story to think about

An old Indian legend tells that one day,a brave man found an egg of an eagle and laid it in the nest of a prairie chicken. The eaglet was born in the middle of a range of prairie chickens and grows with them .

All his life the eagle did a prairie hen normally. He searched in the land the insects and the food. , cackled in the same way as a prairie chicken. And when flying he was in a cloud of feathers and a few meters away. After all, as well as prairie chickens are supposed to fly.

The years passed. And the eagle became very old. One day he saw a magnificent bird hanging in a cloudless sky. Rising with grace, he took advantage of the updrafts, which barely move her beautiful golden wings. "What a beautiful bird! "Said the eagle to its neighbors. "What is it? " "It's an eagle, the king of birds," neighboring said. But it is useless to think twice, You will never be an eagle. So the eagle never thought there twice.
He died thinking he was a prairie chicken.
Moral of the story
This story applies to man who missed his vocation, because he misjuged his abilities , influenced by his social background.

Man is what he believes to be,he becomes by necessity, the product of the environment where he operates.

sometimes he cloister himself in a closed circle ,limiting by consequence himsel without knowing it.
and sometimes he discover his inner strength after having lost all life in vain, but it is already too late.

Then ,it is very important to try our strength within ourselves, to better follow our destiny, and not being trapped in our environment.

Chaalal moulay

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